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FAQ - Area 

  When does Grottaferrata National Fair take place?   In the last week of March.  
  What annual events take place in Grottaferrata and around the Castelli Romani (Castles of Rome)?   The National Fair, The Antique Market (on the third Sunday of each month), "Notti al Castello" (theatre plays and concerts in the open air) in August, Settembre grottaferratese  
  What museums can I visit in the Castelli Romani area?   Grottaferrata: The Greek Abbey Museum in S. Nilo; Nemi: Roman ancient ships Museum; Ariccia: Palazzo Chigi- Baroque Museum; Albano: Civic Museum –Villa Ferraioli; Frascati :Ethiopian Museum and Museo Tuscolano; Castel Gandolfo: Museo della Specola Vaticana (astronomical observatory)  
  Are there bathing establishment on the lake of Castel Gandolfo?   Yes, a lot of them.
  Is it possible to visit the Pope Residence in Castel Gandolfo?   Yes, there are guided visits and it’s possible to hear the Pope’s Audience every Wednesday in Summer  
  How far is the Mariapoli Center of the Focolare Movement in Castel Gandolfo?   About 4 km  

  How far is the Mariapoli Center of the Focolare Movement in Grottaferrata?   About 2 km  
  What kind of restaurants can I find nearby?   Typical roman food, International food, pizzerias, steaks, Chinese restaurants.  

IL RESIDENCE di Grottaferrata

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